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Clonk by Roman Garcia & Martin Andersen

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Reputation maker. FISM and Backpool BESTSELLER. As seen on TV. "If the best version of Copenetro and Misers Dream had a child, it would be Clonk".




Clonk³ is a magic trick in which three coins magically travel (one by one) to a bucket that is held by a person's hands.

Every time the coin reaches the bucket, people will hear a coin is dropped inside the bucket.


You can use any type of coin that is smaller than 38.1mm / 1.5in diameter.


HERE you can see Clonk³ performed by a famous magician on prime time television in Spain. This routine is not included on the explanation videos, but you will notice how versatile the gimmick can be, and the routines you can create...


It's not a sound effect, the coins really appear inside!

The last coin, which was signed by the spectator, also travels to the bucket and at the end the three coins are found inside the bucket.

Shocking and impressive...

Clonk³ is quite an experience and the audience will remember this magic trick forever.

With Clonk³ you will have access to four complete routines with different handling's. You can perform the one that best suits you, or create your own routine!


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  • Where can I perform Clonk³?

Clonk³ is a versatile magic trick that you can perform in a crowded place. Theatre, street, close-up, etc. You can perform this magic trick at any place. You can adapt this magic trick in any situation according to your magic routine.

  • What kind of coins do I need?

You can use any type of coin that is smaller than 38.1mm / 1.5in diameter.

In stage version, the most suitable would be dollar size coins like the Eisenhower or Morgan dollar coins. This type of coin can produce a thunderous sound, so the audience can hear it when the coin is dropped inside the bucket.

In a close-up version, the most suitable would be UK 50p coins or 2p coins, also half dollar coins like the Kennedy ones or the 2 Euro coin.

Clonk³ can be performed with most types of coins. In fact, you can use any type of coin that is smaller than Morgan size (38.1mm / 1.5in diameter).
Coins are NOT included.

  • What kind of bucket do I need?

You can use any bucket for Clonk³, even your own! But we provide one that we think its very nice and makes a grate sound when the coins drop inside.

  • Can the magician control the travel of each coin?

Yes, the magician can control the trick at any moment and make each coin appears being far from the spectator, without any help, and hands are always visible.

  • Can I perform other routines?

Yes, you can create your own routines, develop new and magical miser's dream versions or close-up versions (similar to a copenetro trick, but without table or any platform) in which you can show the coins any time the coin travels to the bucket. You can even use a spectator's ring...
Your limit is your imagination...

  • What does includes?

You get the special gimmick and the bucket. You can use your own coins.