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Billfold - with free gift DVD

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On this DVD, Jack Curtis, joined by professional mentalist LOOCH, teaches six incredibly strong, instantly resetting, real-world, close-up mentalism effects; designed and structured for high impact results.

AMNESIC TRANSPO - The mentalist's answer to the two card transposition using business cards and a pen. A baffling demonstration of confusion and mild amnesia.

FLORAL DESTINYA - Philosophical exploration of free will and determinism using flowers and playing cards.

EXTRA SUBLIMINAL PERSUASION - After learning about the psychic experiments of Dr. Rhine, your participant is left surprised to find that stuck to the back of all five ESP cards are stickers which correctly predict the outcome of their actions.

BLANK 2.0 - A multi layered demonstration of apparent subliminal influence using a freely named number.

LAW OF ATTRACTION - Using nothing more than a stack of business cards and a pen, you are not only able to correctly identify the name of the family member your participant is thinking of, but also present an incredible demonstration of "Synchronicity".

SILVER LINING - The mentalist uses two coins to challenge a spectator to a battle of the minds. After an apparently disappointing ending, the mentalist bounces back with a surprise jaw-dropping finalé.

BONUSA - thought-provoking essay about close-up approach techniques, an essay on the topic of predictions, a very funny blooper reel and a short video discussion that will dramatically change the way you think about playing cards.


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