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Animal Instinct by Steve Shufton

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This effect was developed with the discerning mentalist in mind. Perfect for walk-around and close-up, it is so very easy to perform, allowing you to focus on your presentation. With an instant reset and the possibility of many outcomes, there is only one more aspect that makes this effect the one to immediately add to your repetoire:



Here is a strong piece of mentalism that is simple, straight forward, and certain to leave a lasting impression of your skills. It offers a stark example of how the human mind can be led to a conclusion of pure astonishment!




The effect in detail:

The story unfolds with a description of hypnotic suggestion, and your ability to plant a thought directly into the subconscious mind. Next, your demonstration!

The performer places a small envelope on the table. "I put a picture in this envelope, a picture of an animal.This is the target toward which I will attempt to lead your subconscious mind." The envelope has no flap, and thesingle picture card inside is a bit visible, so all can see that there is truly a single picture card in it, and nothing else. (It is the only one that will be used, with no substitutes or switches).

Next, a small stack of business-sized "Wild Animal" cards is brought into play – about a dozen. They are shown to have the names of different animals written on the backs – one animal per card with no duplicates.

The mentalist gives the animal cards a mix. The cards are handed to the participant who is instructed to "continue putting cards, one at a time on a table (or someone's hand), and to stop any time they get the urge." The performer never touches the cards again. The participant can stop any time, finally stopping on a particular card with no interference from the performer. The selection is shown; their chosen animal, and all the other cards are shown so the participant can see they are all different. The single picture card is slid out of the open-ended envelope – a drawing of an animal. Low and behold! The picture matches the selected animal!

This effect can be presented as a prediction if you prefer. I described the presentation angle I like the most. This effect will yield positive results 100% of the time.




So many features that make Animal Instinct right for YOU:

  • No duplicates.
  • Envelope has only one picture card.
  • The single card in the envelope is the one that will be revealed at the end.
  • Envelope is not gaffed.
  • No sleights of any kind.
  • The spectator has full control of the selections.
  • No equivoque.
  • Different outcomes.
  • Instant reset.
  • Perfect for walk-around.
  • No sleights or moves of any kind.
  • So easy to perform - you can focus entirely on presentation.
  • Attractive props that take very little pocket space.
  • Completely self-contained.
  • Totally baffling.
  • Everything you need is included, ready to go.
  • Ingenious new method.
  • The clever gimmick will have you smiling from the inside out!
  • Can be performed in ANY language!